ATM Signaling Recorder/Playback

MoniTel's signaling probe is an enabling technology tool for various value added signaling based applications such as location, revenue assurance, fraud prevention and roaming. MoniTel offers SS7 and 3G (UMTS Iu, Iu-b and Iu-r) support as part of its extensive range of signaling protocols.
One of its popular features is a signaling recorder/playback for system engineers and application developers.

As analyzing the signaling at the operator's premises is a long process that requires many hours of testing, modify and retesting, usually in a small and noisy environment, using MoniTel's Signaling recorder, this process becomes simple and easy.

The probe is physically connected to the requested lines. Using the engineer's laptop, the data is downloaded and stored.

Then, back at the lab, the data is played again for additional testing/modifications.


The implementation of MoniTel's Signaling recorder is intended to assist developers and integrators designing value-added solutions for public telephony networks. These may range from complex protocol conversion solutions, to network-based messaging applications, prepaid calling card platforms and other revenue generating services.
In addition, the 3G signaling monitor is ideal for Lawful Interception (LI) mediation and delivery platforms. Many applications require media processing resources, such as record and playback, which are available for use with MoniTel STM/OC optical platforms to deliver powerful computer-based solutions.

Protocol support

All optical and E1/T1 hardware platforms support the complete range of digital network access protocols, including UMTS and SS7. The product supports STM1 and OC3 interface with ATM AAL0/2/5 over them. Traditional protocols like MTP, ISUP, SCCP and TCAP are supported as well.


The HW supports 4 optical interfaces and 2 Ethernet interfaces in a single card. The software supports an unrestricted number of VPI and VCI circuits and can playback the recorded data as it was initially recorded, or define new VPs and VCs and submit the information with new addresses.

Client GUI

Easier maintenance

MoniTel enhanced maintenance application facilitates actions such as manually installing and uninstalling drivers, starting and configuring the record playback stack, and obtaining diagnostic information to support troubleshooting. There are also options to support conformance testing, such as traffic generation and manipulation.

The recorder is fully compatible with the following networks:

  • UMTS/CDMA 2000, 3rd Generation networks
  • GSM phase 2/2.5
  • ATM Network, HSSL, IMA
  • Fast Ethernet Network
  • PSTN


The system is a 19" 1U rack mount.

With its light weight, easy accessible I/O ports and attractive price, the Signaling recorder is an important tool for telecom field engineers and application developers.

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