Call Completion

Many call attempts are unsuccessful due to several reasons as: the destination is busy or not answering or the network is busy. Unsuccessful calls do not generate revenues and load the network with repeated call attempts.

MoniTel systems will notify the calling party when the destination is available (with Call Parking application) or notify the destination of any attempts to call him (Missed call notification).

The system is passive and does not load the system. Unlike other available solutions, we do not use sms type 0.

Call Parking

When a call attempt fails (e.g. the destination is in another phone call, "out of coverage area", the network is loaded, etc.), the system stores the attempt details. Once the destination is available, the system will notify the caller by SMS or ring-back that the destination is available.

Missed call notification

Often, subscribers miss phone calls ("not at home" for fixed-line subs, and "out of coverage area", phone is "off", network is busy for cellular subs). Once the cellular subscriber is online again, an SMS with the missed calls information will be sent to the subscriber.

Call completion block diagram