Inbound Roamers Solutions

Roaming is an important revenue source for operators. MoniTel solutions increase the number of roamers that choose to connect to the network, as well as the revenue stream from each roamer.

Roamers Routing ™

In most cases the roamer will automatically connect to the local network/operator when he FIRST arrives to the airport/region. Operators usually try to “catch” the cellular handset when it first “power on” and searches for a network.

In large international events (as int’l exhibitions, int’l sport events, etc.) there is a very high capacity of roamers and revenue stream from roamers in a very small area. Many roamers need to communicate between themselves (calling friends, changing meeting schedule, etc.) and these communication expenses are very high.

MoniTel’s Roamers Routing™ solution detects all roamer outgoing calls from the designated area. If the call is to another inbound roamer of the same network and within the same area, the system will reroute the call locally within the MSC and without using the international routing. With this call route, the calling party will be charged as a local call (and not international call). For the receiving party, the operator can choose between 2 alternatives:

  1. Treat the call as a local call and not charge for it as in many countries it is free of charge. With this the incentive of roamers to choose this network is even bigger.
  2. Treat the call as a regular incoming call for roamers.

Reaching the target market and advertising this special rates is quite easy – brochures at the exhibition entrance, event website, etc.

With our Roamers Routing™ system everyone win –

Operator will benefit from many roamers that manually select its network while all outgoing calls out of the designated area will be with “full rate” plus all incoming calls will be routed via its network.

Roamers will benefit from discounted calls to other subscribed roamers within the designated area (as the convention center, stadium, etc.) and the incoming calls will be free of charge.

Missed call notification for roamers

While roaming, many calls do not send the caller ID. In these cases, if the roamer did not answer the call, there is no information of caller’s identity. With MoniTel Missed call notification for roamers the roamer will receive an SMS with the missed calls information.