Dr. Dror Fixler – CTO and founder.

Dr. Fixler has over 10 years of experience in the Telecommunications industry, including positions at ECTel and consulting various telecom manufacturers and operators.
Dr. Fixler received his B.Sc. Ms.C. and Ph.D degrees in physics from Bar-Ilan University, Israel. His major fields of interest are monitoring and intrusive systems for telephony networks, applications for cellular technologies and new fixed-telephone networks based on internet protocols.

Wu Tong – General Manager ANTT China.

Mr. Tong joined ANTT in 2006. Prior to ANTT he served as general manger of Alcatel division at QIBO Group – South and Southwest China. Prior to QIBO Group, Mr. Tong held senior sales management positions at IBM-China, Avaya-China and ePro Ltd.
Mr. Tong holds a B.A. degree in Application Physics Science from Jinan University,
GuangZhou, China.

Rafael Kaduri - VP Business Development & Customer Care

Mr. Kaduri has more than 20 years of successful Customer Facing and Customer Care management for international customers. He has extensive experience with mega projects delivery that involves tens of man-year development and multimillion dollars budget.

Prior to INTERCEPTION Mr. Kaduri served for many years as Director of Strategic Program Management, Manager of Order Management, Customer Care Director and Support manager for Verint Systems Ltd.

Mr. Kaduri holds an MBA degree from Heriot Watt University, Scotland with distinction; BSc degree in Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University, Israel.