Real Time Location

MoniTel location system is a state-of-the-art solution that is similar to and complies with standard based UMTS/GMLC/SMLC systems. MoniTel Location system offers powerful location-based service capabilities to Cellular Network operators as well as 3rd party application providers.
The system provides a centralized managed connection to the operator network for Location Based Services (LBS).
Implementing various positioning technologies, as Cell ID, power level, Time Difference Of Arrival and others, MoniTel provides the best cost effective location system.
The MoniTel LBS system provides a simple method of location determination to external applications by exporting the subscriber location information using open API. This architecture is used by external or internal applications.

Location Based Value Added Services

MoniTel’s LBS system enables various applications in several fields as:

Government applications

Home land security - supporting Anti-terror and crime prevention regulations (as the EU directive 2006/24/EC), MoniTel’s SITE application enables Police and other security agencies to track offenders in real time. In addition, by monitoring and storing location information of all cellular users, this application can also be used as a crime investigation tool and as evidence in court.

Emergency Number services
- By adding mobile location information to
emergency number services (as 911 in USA and E-112 in Europe), police and medical personnel can shorten response time.


SMS zone - this service enables sending relevant SMS/MMS advertisements to mobile phones at the "right time and place" — the precise moment and location when the mobile user reaches the sale area. Marketing surveys prove that the advertisment timing is crucial for the sale success.

Workforce management
– this application assists companies to manage their fleet of vehicles or personnel, reducing communication costs and increasing service quality.


Child locator – parents can monitor their children position without the need to call them.

Service lacator – find the closest service provider (as gas station, hotel, restaurant, etc.).

Traffic – road traffic can be monitored by cellular devices location change. The information can show speed of traffic, road blocks, etc.

System Architecture

The MoniTel Location system is an open LBS platform, comprising Location Service capabilities and open API.
MoniTel Location system was derived from MoniTel probe solution and therefore it is designed for a modular approach.

Overlay topology

In order to implement this topology, probes are added to the network. They monitor the signaling links (as A interface or A-bis links in GSM, Gb in GPRS, IuB, Iu-CS or Iu-PS in UMTS and IS634, 1xRTT or IOS in CDMA). Then, it extracts the required information for applications. The information is later sent to the server for distribution to other applications.
This configuration can be implemented with no interference to the working network. The flexibility and scalability of the system can be later extended as the network evolves.
Based on the overlay topology, the system can collect the location of the MS in the network and not only for predefined users or small part of them.

Network Physical connection

The system supports several physical connection topologies:

  • On-site monitoring where at each site, all interfaces are passive. This is achieved by using a high impedance connection. Signaling probes are installed according to the network topology and the extracted information is transmitted to the central server.
  • All target signaling interfaces are duplicated in every monitored site. The information is transmitted to a central monitoring site where all installed signaling mediation probes are connected to the server.


Location Information

  • Based on the location information that is extracted from the signaling traffic, the system can provide the following data:
  • Location area
  • Cell ID / BTS-Node B identification
  • Sector information


Overlay network advantages

The Overlay system provides several advantages including:

  • Simple integration into the existing infrastructure.
  • Location information can be collected for all users in the network.
  • Unlike GMLC solutions, the information includes cellular roamers that are not in their HPMN. There is no need to predefine MS list.
  • Flexible solution for current GSM, UMTS & CDMA systems that evolves with carrier's infrastructure changes.
  • Location capabilities are provided without any load to the carrier's active elements.
  • Solutions that can be implemented outside and/or independent of the Network infrastructure.


Intrusive options

In addition to the overlay monitoring system, MoniTel can combine the product with SS7/SIP intrusive capabilities. The options are:

  • A-GPS system for CDMA networks.
  • HLR interrogation.
  • SMS type 0 submissions.

The Combination of real time monitoring capabilities with intrusive capabilities provides great advantages in the location based services.