MoniTel Product Overview

MoniTel's product line consists of 3 layers:


  • Collection – MoniTel’s advanced signaling probe is an advanced tool for various value added signaling based applications such as location, revenue assurance, billing verification, fraud profiling and roaming. These applications are provided by MoniTel or by 3rd parties.
  •  Mediation The processing unit resides in an external server. The probe captures messages from the signaling system and sends them to the mediator located in this external processing server. The mediator receives messages, combines them and generates after correlation a detail records (DR) that documents the call or the transaction. This process called DR correlation.
  •  Delivery MonitTel offers several application platforms for VAS with its probing technology. Within those platforms you can find.
    • Li Monitoring Center – Provide management GUI for setting targets, Real-Time and retro monitoring including search and investigation capabilities
    • Location – Positioning and user status for location based services (LBS)
    • Enhanced Call Features – As call parking and missed call notification
    • Network Monitoring And Reports
    • Roaming VAS – Including advanced routing and missed call notification
    • Mobile Payment (mID) – Unique state-of-the-art mobile payment system that requires no change or application on the cell phone.



The Probing platform is fully compatible with most common communication networks as PSTN, GSM phase 2/2.5, UMTS/CDMA 2000, ATM Network, HSSL, IMA and fast Ethernet Network. Each I/O card probes 24 E1/T1 channels, with up to 144 E1/T1 channels in a 4U chassis. The Probe captures all signaling messages and sends it to the processor.


MoniTel system overlay for 2, 2.5 and 3G network

The processing unit collects messages and correlates it into Detailed Records (DR) – see figure above. The processing unit correlates the signaling messages into a Detailed Record that documents the call/transaction and passes the fully correlated DRs to storage.

These records are created while the call/transaction is still active, and are available for the application level. Once the call/transaction is completed, the mediator passes to the application a full DR that documents the scenario. This feature is essential for various real-time DR based applications as fraud management, call trace and location.


MoniTel offers several application platforms for VAS with its probing technology.

  • Location – positioning and user status for LBS.
  • Enhanced call features - as call parking and missed call notification.
  • Network monitoring and reports.
  • Lawful Interception.
  • Roaming VAS – including advanced routing and missed call notification.


For more information on our various solutions please refer to our detailed brochures, or contact:

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